Publishing reviews on the Science behind Finish Line's and's Shoe Style and Innovation

Those who read my blog regularly know that I am addicted to running marathons. There is something really special about being in the moment with a hundred others by your side as you keep running, pushing yourself to go beyond the point of exhaustion. All the distracting noises that usually crowd my head are gone, and I feel like I am floating in a limbo where nothing but my goal line matters. And since running is my passion for me, it is very hard for me to live a month without checking into athletic stores to take a look at any new products that can help me.

My friend, who is an international publisher of academic research books and journals, and an advocate of dissemination of knowledge, passed on the idea to me that perhaps I could turn my passion into a book. And I was at first unable to see what specific direction I could take so as to make my book worth a read. “You can talk about shoes”, she said. “Talk about what you know—the new shoes of different brands that people could get, the exercise regimen they can follow. Talk about what it is like running. Make a story out of it and I will make it available in my bookstore.”

To be honest, I already do talk about running. I have spent hours typing and publishing journals for e-learning, online and distance learning about the science and technology behind sportswear and their designs. So how will writing about books be any different? So I decided to give this a chance and started my research. While browsing online, I came across these fantastic sites called and, which house some international brands in their stores.

Did you know that stores Nike Flyknit in their collection? I was quite surprised to see them there, as this collection of athletic shoes from Nike has been slow to catch up. Woven out of yarn with super big knitting machines that are operated by computers with high processing power, these shoes are both comfortable and stylish. While I wouldn’t be using them for long distance marathons as their soles can get chipped away easily, I definitely wear them for some delightful short-distance sprints once in a while. and  store top quality sports shoes with the New Balance Abzorb technology. Made of Dupont Engage Isoprene Rubber and other foam materials, these new Balance soles are made to absorb shock and displace energy. The soles are highly durable and extremely good for long distance marathons because they provide ample amount of support and cushion to the feet.

While you are at their stores, check out the different shoes that are engineered with the latest style and innovative designs. I would recommend that you take a look at their collection of shoes that use the Nike Hyperfuse technology. In this process, three different layers are joined together with the hot-melt method, and this creates a shoe fabric that is not only sturdy but also breathable. Your feet will never feel hot and sticky in the closed space inside.

I am extremely glad that I came across and, because they really help me to feed my addiction for a fitness lifestyle. Shopping for the right sport gears has never been this easy! 

Love Sneakers? Then You Will Love Coupons for Finish Line and 6pm Promo Codes

We all love sneakers as they are an essential part of our wardrobe, but of course the problem is often that the coolest and best brands can be pretty expensive from time to time. Clearly this can then lead to you being put off buying them, but to be honest that does not have to be the case.


Instead, you just need to be clever with your shopping and know where to look in order to get those top brands at rock bottom prices, and two such places are the and websites. I can say this from personal experience because I too love my sneakers and I am forever looking for the next cool thing to wear when I am out and about as well as something else for working out.

I admit that I stumbled across these websites at first due to coming across some coupon codes and coupon codes posted on one of those coupon websites and I have to say that it did open my eyes to the kind of savings that I could make if I just shopped clever.

The Savings That I Made

Now, I have to admit that I do not exactly have the smallest of feet, so buying shoes has always been a pain. However, let me tell you about some of the savings that I was able to make via their website.

Let me tell you mainly about Finish Line, because this is the site it has impressed me the most: Their site actually has its own section for shoes between the sizes of 14 to 18, which makes my life easier I can tell you, but I went for the Lacoste Marling shoe in this instance. It was cool, it was casual, and the best part was that it was already reduced from $80 to $35 and that is one pretty impressive saving. Oh yeah, and where else are you going to find Lacoste shoes at that kind of price?

However, my money saving was not finished there. Just because it was already reduced did not exclude me from using one of those Finish Line discount codes that you see on the Internet, and in this instance I picked up some free shipping. I should also point out that there are various times where there are special Finish Line promo codes that can also give you money off and it is certainly worth checking them out to see the extra savings. You never know what is going to appear whether it be an extra 10% off when you spend a certain amount or bigger savings on individual brands.

I should also mention that it is not unusual for you to make savings of up to 70% or even higher with items for sale on this website. Just as a quick example, the women's section has up to 50% off running shoes while they have a number of kids sneakers at less than $30 and this in itself is a real bargain. To be honest, the number of savings that you can make is extensive to say the least as men's running shoes can have that 70% discount I just mentioned and who can turn down that kind of deal?

It's Not Just Sneakers

So far I have just talked about sneakers, but I feel like pointing out that this website does not just focus purely on them as it also has various other items including a wide selection of apparel and accessories. They have these products for not only adults, but also kids of all ages right down to infants and it is quite easy to kit your kid out in the latest Air Jordan clothes for very little money. As a quick example, there is a Jordan t-shirt for $10 reduced from $20 and there are so many others to choose from out of hundreds and hundreds of products.

Adults are also able to make savings on apparel as well with the women's section having 40% off pants and some guy's items having up to 50% off in the apparel section although you need to get in fast before those items sell out.

Also, Finish Line, in addition to offerring high quality athletic apparel, they offer scholarships to students.

How I Used The Site To My Advantage

So, I have spoken about how I made a pretty cool saving and how you can even get new clothes for your kids and save money in the process, but I have a few tips for you. The problem is that they have thousands of lines to choose from and that can make shopping quite difficult.

However, I tend to have certain brands that I prefer, so I made use of the brand selection option on the menu bar at the top of the page. This just makes life so much easier because I then have all of those products sitting there and I can put them in order according to price or the type of product, so shopping on is an absolute breeze. You can of course also just search according to sale items as they also have that option at the top of the page and this is just another way of making your life that bit easier.

What I am basically saying here is that you can have a wonderful shopping experience and save yourself a lot of money in the process via a Finish Line coupon code or just by browsing their website to find the perfect product to suit your needs. Their customer service is good, the delivery times are excellent, and overall you will be like me and glad that you finally found this website.