Predictions for the AI Industry in 2022

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If we were to start working or migrate to AI work in 2022, what would we expect to find? Well, let us see what we can infer from the industry.

Language AIs are Taking the Lead

We are in a day and age when travel will be possible once more and when people will start traveling the world again. Travel is not the main reason why language and language oriented AIs will be in focus, but it is helping.

When making personal assistants, companies have to focus on language-oriented AI, who have to understand a speaker, no matter their accent and pronunciation. Such AIs are able to learn on the fly and adapt to new pronunciation and an idiolect. From travel to AI assistants, there is a need for AIs which specialize in language.

Climate AI Companies Will Rise

Climate change is a worrying occurrence and the world is right to be worried. There have been plenty of Climate AI startups in the past years. Some of them are destined to become unicorns, companies with a large revenue and overall value. Not all of them will succeed, but given the trajectory of the world, research and the importance of automation and AI technology, climate AI companies will rise and become larger players.

Videography Will Get the AI Treatment

Photography is already being treated and changed by AI, as even smartphones have access to smart AI cores and machines which learn how to make better photographs.

Videos are much more complicated than photographs, but even videos will eventually get the AI treatment.

It is expected that 2022 will be the year when climate AI companies rise and become more important, as well as richer.

China and US Complete Split

China and the United States have been at each other’s throats, at least in terms of AI development. Their relationship has been poor, at best. That being said, if there is any collaboration between the US and China remaining in the world of AI, it is likely to stop in 2022. There are far too many political obstacles in the way, so collaboration between AI giants is likely to stop.

AI Learning on Its Own

As of now, AI has been learning under supervision, by being given key data points to focus on. Reinforcement learning is a new step which will become popular, meaning that AI will learn on its own and be free to explore openly. This will greatly speed up the learning and creativity process, at least in the future if not immediately.

AI is always progressing and these are some developments and trends that we can expect to see in 2022.

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