The Importance of Having a Mobile-Optimized Website

Smartphones are slowly but surely replacing desktop computers and laptops when it comes to browsing the web. They are more practical, as you can use them anywhere you want without the hustle of turning on your PC and sitting on uncomfortable chairs that cause back pains. 

With so many people choosing their smartphones to quickly lookup information online, it became necessary for your website to be mobile-optimized. For example, sports and casino sites where you can bet with the BGO promo code or other bonus codes needs to be optimized both for PC and mobile because the people who bet online use both. While a mobile-friendly website simply fits everything neatly on your screen, mobile-optimized websites also change the size of the website elements to improve the site navigation. Here are some of the reasons why you should mobile-optimize your website.

Attract More Users

If you are like me, you probably spend some time browsing your phone before you go to sleep. A lot of people do that these days, and there is nothing more troublesome than when you open a website and it is a jumbled mess of information.

If a website is mobile-optimized, its readability is improved, which leads to a higher chance of people returning to it or even recommending it to their friends. Mobile optimization also reduces the redirections from the site or new tabs being opened, and greater user satisfaction can even lead to impulse purchases which can only benefit your business.

Improving Website Speed

When you optimize your website for mobile users, you also decrease the time it takes for the website to load. To put it simply, when you code your website for mobile use, the code organization changes.

If people have to wait for more than 6 seconds for the website to load on their device, there is a greater chance they will just abandon it, and that is detrimental for the business. Optimization is good because it speeds up the load time even when the same website is browsed from the desktop computer.

Increased User Engagement

If users find your website enjoyable, there is a higher chance they will stay on it longer. Increased average user time on a website also increases the chance of them posting comments, clicking on CTAs or liking the website content. 

All this is very important, as you want users to stay on a website as much as they can. If they keep browsing longer, there is a lower chance of them taking their business to your competitors and spending their money there, so make the website as practical and easy to navigate as you can.

Improve Your SEO Rank

In the past, mobile SEO and regular SEO were two different things. In recent years, however, Google made them influence each other and, whether you like it or not, SEO will always be important for your business.

Being high on Google’s search list is bound to bring your website more visitors and potential customers, and combining the SEO rank for both mobile and regular websites can only help you achieve that. Which brings us to our last point.

Gaining Competitive Advantage

When you start a business, it all boils down to being better than the competition. As previously mentioned, you want users to stay on your website and away from the competitors to increase their chances of using your services. The same goes for SEO because you want your website to be the first one they click on.

Many companies today have websites that still aren’t mobile-optimized, so if yours is, then you are automatically in the lead. In the end, the only reason why people make a website is to attract attention for various purposes, and if it fails at that job, then the website is useless.

Author: Abraham