The Best Apps for Password Management

Applications are a way of life nowadays. Everybody uses them, from consumers on a daily basis to people who make their lives off applications. Some develop applications, others use them to make a living. For example, punters love betting applications and the process of gambling, in general. Casinos are aware of this and often entice users with bonuses and promo codes like this Vlad Cazino bonus.

Some applications are there to make us feel better, like entertainment applications while others are there to make us safer. Password management applications and tools are an important way of managing our hundreds of passwords while also staying safe online. Here are the best password manager applications.


Dashlane does a great job of keeping all of your devices safe, both desktop and mobile. You can use their VPN for free and manage a single device. This is more than enough for users who spend most of their time with one device. 

However, the premium plan allows for seamless synchronization between all of your devices, as well as sending you notifications in case your data appears anywhere on the internet; it monitors data breaches, on the regular and dark web. This comes at a price, and understandably so, for their premium plan is one of the priciest.


LastPass has an interesting name that might get you thinking but as soon as you see their feature set, you are likely to change your mind. They offer a multitude of services, like device linking, as well as a multi-factor authorization method. They can also store more than your passwords, but also things like general form data, which you would then not have to type in every time you fill out a shipping form.

Free users can choose between only the mobile or desktop accounts, so have that in mind if you do not plan on using the premium feature and frequently change primary devices.


NordPass comes from the same company which offers the amazing VPN service and application NordVPN. They are a part of a security suite called NordSec. NordPass is a relatively new application that works as a plugin for most browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, not to mention that it is available for the most popular systems such as Linux, Windows, and macOS. 

The free version allows you to use a single device to store passwords and you get premium features for a week. Premium features include up to 6 devices synced with one license. A great thing about NordPass is that you can save as many passwords as you want.


Keeper is a premium-only product that has a 30-day trial period. You can have unlimited devices and passwords stored, as well as warnings about data breaches. It is one of the best services, mobile, and desktop, for sharing encrypted files. Sensitive data is safe in the hands of Keeper.

Consider these password managers if you want a safe and secure way of browsing the internet without much hassle. Most of these managers have a free version which will do wonders for users who primarily use one device.

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